About Trojans Club

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The Trojans Club is a community-based amateur sports club.  This means the members run the club for the members and it is open to everyone within the local community, with some of the best sporting facilities in Hampshire and boasting the most members.

As well as a vibrant sports membership, social activities at Trojans is also a key part of being a member.  The bar and catering is run in-house, offering food and drinks throughout the day as well as for team meals and sports festivals.  Each year there are many special events organised by the different sports sections.

The facility can also be booked for private functions by members or non-members.

Trojans is owned and run by its members and each of the sports run its own section from the shared premises, no matter which sport you choose to play, you will be a member of Trojans Club and enjoy all of its benefits.  Each year the Board reports to the Annual General Meeting, and the voluntary positions are filled.

The Board is made up of the Chairman, Company secretary and 5 other Directors, all sports sections are represented in some capacity and each sport Chair is invited to attend the regular Board meetings.

The Board sets the vision for the Club's future, ensuring the safety of all members and visitors playing sport at Stoneham Lane while keeping a watchful eye on the financial health of the club.  This enables each sport section to concentrate on delivering top coaching and the ability for its players to participate in whatever level of competitive environment suits them.

You will find a wonderful welcome at Trojans.