Volunteering for Trojans

Volunteering for Trojans

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The Club is looking for a number of people to fill job Roles...


If you think you can help or know of someone who could (they may not be a Trojan member!) then please contact Mike Watts, 07834 542954 or mkewatts@aol.com


- Company Secretarial Skills

 This role is for someone who understands how to ensure that the Club's goverance procedures, 'articles of association' and the Club's 'rules' are compatible with each other. 


- General Management

There are a good many day to day activities that need to happen in order for the club to function properly. These activities need organising and monitoring. We have, in the past, employed someone to perform this role.

Developing business process
Ensuring risks and issues are dealt with appropriately
Cost reduction programmes
Income generation projects
- Employment Law & HR

Do you have knowledge of employment contracts? We need your help to ensure all our fabulous team have the correct contracts and that policies are well documented and followed.


- WEBMASTER/Social Media specialist

Communication is key for any organisation. Trojans Club is looking to ensure that all information about the club is of the highest quality, integrity and timliness. 

You will not necessarily be responsible for creating content, but you will know how to change it and guide the Directors on how to use it better.


- Newsmaster

Do you have the skills to gather key information about the club and help create a quarterly newsletter in conjunction with each of the sports sections?


- Maintenance

From time to time key maintenance tasks need to be done. These could be plumbing, electrical, joinery or general maintenance.

Would you be willing to put your name forward to become part of a team to help. The more we have, the less often each person would be called upon!



You may know someone, currently not a member of the club, who has skills we need and also has some time to get involved. 



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