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President Newsletter

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Welcome to my inaugural message as President to all Trojan Members.


I had hoped that this communication might be sent out to all members while they were able to enjoy their sport or at least the facilities at our wonderful club. Sadly COVID- 19 has put pay to that, given it continues to affect members and for that matter everyone else’s ability to engage in full and active lives. These are truly testing and difficult times

The pandemic has, since March, affected how Trojans has been able to offer sport and the use of the clubhouse and bar; I think we must assume that will be the case in some form or another well into next year. A great many people have worked hard to ensure that the club has been open for as much as government advice would allow. We will continue to offer as much as is possible going forward. You can read more and keep UpToDate on the website


In 2018 Trojans became a company limited by guarantee. In so doing the club is now required to follow certain rules as laid down by Company Law. One of these has meant that there is now a Board of Directors, rather than a general committee.


The Board is currently made up of Mike Watts (President) Campbell Williams (Chair) Kim Waters (Operations)…Nigel Le Bas (Finance) Simon Dancer (Property) Sandy Hill & Wyn Jones.


The Board is in place to ensure that the club is an inclusive, safe, financially viable and an enjoyable environment where multiple sports can thrive. The club owns the land and buildings (Hardmoor leased) and the directors ensure their upkeep and best use within the funds available. We want Trojans to be the best amateur sports club in the South of England, and are making progress with that ambition.


The Board is NOT however responsible for how each of the sports sections function. This is for the committee of the individual sections, who are best placed to meet each sport’s, specific requirements.


Importantly though, it must be recognised, without sport run by the sections, there is no club and without the club, there is no sport at trojans.


As a company limited by guarantee, members are required to guarantee to pay £1 in the unlikely event the club becomes insolvent. (Previous to incorporation member liability could have been significantly higher). In the coming weeks members will be given the opportunity to make sure our records are made complete and ensure that you don’t miss out on opportunities to have your say on the club’s future direction.


As a club we remain very much dependent upon membership fees and spending over the bar. The Board would very much like to thank everyone who has maintained or started their membership, and those who have visited the club over recent months, spending money in our COVID safeguarded bar! Both have helped ensure that we can continue enjoying sport and training at Trojans, (when allowed).


The finances of the club are reasonably strong given everything that has happened in 2020. The balance at the bank is ahead of this time last year, but we know there will be a hit on the income streams we would normally rely on and costs will need careful handling.


Many of you will be aware that the RFU was planning to invest in Trojans by installing a floodlit all-weather pitch. Despite having met all the requirements asked of us this has been put on hold by the RFU for the foreseeable future.

The Board is still investigating a number of other options on how to get investment funds into the club.These range from Council community funds through to Sport England investment.


The clubhouse, as you know, is very tired. It needs one of two options: a severe and major maintenance/overhaul, or a full or partial replacement. Both of these options have been explored with the favoured option (following the last AGM) being to have a new major replacement.  The full cost has not yet been verified but we will need to raise close to £seven figures. Campbell Williams is doing a sterling job leading the fund-raising process and in selling our high-level vision to would be funders. A significant sum has already been secured

Anyone with ideas or particular skills to offer in regard to fundraising or a future development, please contact


All members will of course have an opportunity to contribute to more detailed plans once we have more clarity about the art of the possible.


Running and improving the club needs a good number of skills and in order to keep costs down, we do rely upon volunteers. If you think you have time (or you know someone who has) to help out, please visit the volunteering section on the website.



Are you aware that in just over 3 years’ time Trojans Club will be celebrating its 150th Anniversary? We’re now starting to prepare for this wonderful occasion. Back in 1995, Malcolm Le Bas created a booklet for our 125th anniversary. Peter Reid has offered to collect input so that a new booklet might be published. Pete can be contacted at

 So please, I have two requests

-          Would you like to be part of our 2024 Celebrations Committee? If you do, let me know

-          Do you have archive information to go into a new booklet? Please contact Peter Reid

Thank you for reading this. I wish you well and look forward to seeing you up at our Club very soon.


Dear Trojan

About this newsletter

We are at the start of a new journey. Our first step has been to create a Member database for the whole club; to enable us to properly manage our membership and communicate with you on club wide matters. The aim is to add to and not replace section specific communications We know it is not yet perfect!

Receiving this e-mail does not guarantee that any or all, of your fellow Trojan friends have received it.

So, while we are improving our database and records, I am asking you to either discuss this communication with friends, simply forward it to them or direct them to it on the Trojans website.

If you are not receiving direct, please get in touch with me, so that I can take steps to correct our members record where appropriate. (

Please help by spreading the word.

Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully act on this attachment.

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