Many of the main questions answered about the new Trojans clubhouse

  1. The consultation

What is the purpose of the consultation?

The purpose of the consultation is to give your Club’s Directors a better understanding of the potential financial contribution that the membership and wider supporters of the club could make toward funding the new clubhouse. This will enable a more informed judgement to be made on the different funding and build options that are available to us.

We fully recognise that ahead of formally committing to any capital project and potential fundraise we will need to produce further detail about the potential risks and benefits, providing more information to consult with the membership. These will be discussed in detail at a GM before any final decision is made.


How can I fill out the survey?

The best way to fill out the survey is to do it online. If you haven’t received an email with the link, you can access the survey by clicking the link below.




There are only 7 questions, so it should take no more than 5 minutes.


If you don’t have access to a computer or a smart phone there are some hard copies available behind the bar, just ask Chris.


Who can I speak to, to find out more information or put forward my thoughts?


There is already lots of information on the dedicated page on the Trojans website (www.trojans.org.uk/newclubhouse), and we will regularly update it as more information is available or known.


Alongside filling out the survey you can also email further comments/suggestions to chairman@trojans.co.uk


If you’d like to talk to someone in person, then please contact one of the following


A Trojans Club Board member - details https://www.trojans.org.uk/board/


Your section chair – Gibbo, Stefan, Nigel or James


What will happen after the survey ends?

The closing date for survey responses is 30th September.


We will share the headline results on the website (www.trojans/newclubhouse), ahead of a discussion with the members at a GM later this year

We hope that at the end of the consultation process there will be more certainty about the potential of what could be raised from the membership, and wider supporters of the club. In simple terms we are looking at 4 potential outcomes:


  • A strong belief that sufficient money could be raised to make up the shortfall of the preferred clubhouse build
  • A strong belief that sufficient money could be raised to not just make up the shortfall of the clubhouse build but also provide a significant contribution to other projects
  • A likely shortfall remaining albeit something that could potentially be managed by other sources of finance
  • Insufficient interest and confidence that the shortfall will be met, meaning the project needs to be revisited

Just to be clear no decision on the preferred method of raising money will be made until it has been discussed and agreed with the membership, it just makes for a more informed conversation to consider the way forward.


Are we getting any support?

Yes. we have benefitted from a range of support. This includes:


  • To help us with outline thinking about clubhouse design and build we have been working with a number of qualified architects and professional experts from across the club
  • To help us with the consultation and consideration of different finance methods we are working with Sporting Assets. Sporting Assets specialise in grassroots sport, community activity and finance providing a unique offer as both advisors to, and investors in, the community sports sector. You can find out more about them here https://www.sportingassets.co.uk/

What’s the best thing I can do right now?

Please fill out the survey and encourage fellow members and friends of the club to do the same. It sounds simple, but it really will help us all in the next few months make big decisions which we hope will be the springboard for the next 50 years of success at Trojans.


Alongside the survey, we welcome further ideas and support so please either email chairman@trojans.co.uk or speak to one of your directors or your section chair. We will endeavour to get back to you, but please bear with us, as we are all volunteers.


The Directors leading the project are:


  • Campbell Williams
  • Simon Dancer
  • Mike Watts

But do speak with any of your directors.


Or feel free to speak to your section chair in the first instance if that’s easier for you. That’s Gibbo for hockey, Stefan for rugby, Nigel for cricket and James for squash.


The building


Why do we want a new clubhouse?

The clubhouse was built in stages during the 70’s and 80’s, and is a mix of styles and build quality, but is now very outdated, expensive to run, and does not meet all safeguarding or disability accessibility standards. We believe a 2 storey clubhouse which overlooks our main sports facilities, with changing rooms on the lower level, and flexible use social facilities on the upper level, will provide a significant improvement that is fully accessible and safe for everyone.


Current maintenance and utility bills cost in excess of £100k per year, (more than club membership raises). In addition, a better clubhouse provides opportunities to host more activities and events, increasing utilisation by the local community, potentially increasing wellbeing and generating more revenue that can be reinvested and act as a catalyst for the improvement of our sports facilities.


What will the new clubhouse look like?

Following discussion at an AGM, with Sport’s National Governing bodies, and with local businesses; supported by research conducted by a Winchester University student we identified the following high-level requirements:


  • We must be positively open to all parts of the community
  • We must enable full access by making disability access compliant
  • We must have changing rooms which enable us to offer safe changing to all age groups and sexes, given a minimum of eight changing rooms in operation at any one time
  • We must reduce long term running costs, utility bills and maintenance costs
  • We must enable the generation of additional income through sporting and social facilities
  • We must be able to provide post-match facilities, regularly catering for over 500 players on a winter weekend.
  • We should significantly reduce the club’s environmental footprint
  • We should engage the clubhouse with the sports at Trojans, through increased viewing facilities.
  • We must ensure we develop something that is long-lasting.
  • We should build something that is low cost but functional.

We had initial pro bono discussions with a number of architects from which the following high-level solutions to these requirements were agreed:


  • A steel frame two-storey construction with changing rooms on the ground floor, with bar and social facilities above.Lift, disabled toilets and changing rooms to offer access to everyone
  • Located on a car park alongside playing facilities, enabling increased viewing and spectator income
  • Environmental criteria to be supported by generating electricity from the solar south-facing roof

With these key points in mind, the following architect drawings and renderings have been developed for fundraising and engagement purposes which have generated widespread support.


Although the final designs will depend on the finance we can raise detailed architect input and the planning process, indicative designs for the new clubhouse can be seen here…..(link)


How much will it cost?

We estimate that the new clubhouse will cost in the region of £1 million. This is based on three initial quotes which we sourced as part of a bid document we wrote for the Test Valley grant application. We are aiming for a building of around 400m2, and a cost per square meter of around £1,750 to £2,000 giving a total cost of £850,000 to £1million when contingencies, planning and technical fees are included.


We have yet to determine the best way to deal with potential VAT issues


We are aware that the COVID pandemic has proved challenging to the building industry, particularly the cost of materials and demand for labour. We will keep a close eye on how this might impact our plans and continue to receive advice from our advisors.


Do we have planning permission?

Not yet, but we are confident that we will not have any insurmountable challenges. Back in 2015 we secured planning permission for a full clubhouse redevelopment (now lapsed), and also have full planning permission in place for an additional artificial sports pitch.


We have spoken to Test Valley planning officers as part of formal pre-application discussions. They have confirmed in writing that there should be no significant planning obstacles to our proposed development.


The intention is to reduce the footprint of our building, which has high sustainability credentials and is powered by solar panels.


We have engaged with all our partners and the local parish council who are all supportive of our aspirations.


We have discussed with our single closest residential neighbour who is supportive of the scheme, so the likelihood of significant opposition to our scheme on either neighbourhood or technical issues is low risk.

When will it be here?

If we can continue the current momentum, we really hope that we’ll have a new clubhouse in 2022/3. Plenty of time to spare before the 150th-anniversary celebrations!


However, there is still work to be done and until we know how much we can raise it’s difficult to move forward with things like planning, design and business planning, as we need to know the type of facility we can afford.


What about spending money on other facilities?

Of course there are always demands to spend money to maintain and develop other facilities at the club. We hope that the new clubhouse will make it easier in the future to improve other facilities through saving c. £40k a year on maintenance of the outdated building, plus from the additional revenue a new clubhouse can generate. In addition, through this consultation we will have never been in a better position to understand the potential appetite for members and supporters of the Trojans club to support or invest in a fundraise, learnings we can take into other potential future facility projects.


Raising the money


How have we raised money so far?

We have worked hard to secure and are extremely grateful for the support from Eastleigh Borough Council (EBC) and Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC), who have both committed £350k from funds linked to housing developments. We were successful in securing support from EBC in 2020, and in August 2021 TVBC confirmed that they would match that support.


Grant funding is extremely competitive, but we are still developing further loan and grant applications from prospective partners. We have also raised a further £25k from TVBC


Although the final decision would be taken with the support of the membership, the club anticipates that members will be able to contribute c. £50k from club reserves.


Where else could we get money from?

We believe we have exhausted the opportunities with Local Borough Council’s and as stated previously grant funding is very competitive, even more so, as a number of grant funders have turned their attention to COVID related programmes. We will continue to monitor the funding programmes available and keep in touch with the various sporting bodies that have an interest in Trojans Club in case of opportunities.


Following the member consultation there will be a level of confidence about how much can be raised from the members by means of donations and/ or a financing scheme. We will also continue to look at repayable finance (e.g. loan funding) and have made contact with Sporting Capital about what they can offer.


More traditional financing options are also options with fundraising initiatives and seeking sponsorship from the local business community. Again, we welcome ideas and hope that opportunities, contacts and suggestions come from the consultation.

We are aware that there are many considerations – pros and cons to each potential avenue, and please rest assured that any decision on which method (s) of funding we ultimately pursue will be made only after consultation with the members.


What if we can’t raise enough?


Although we are pleased to have secured £725k already, it may be that we can’t bridge the gap from these various funding options. There are ways we could look at scaling back the preferred build, although it would be a big disappointment given the financial benefit of having a more efficient and revenue-generating space, alongside the additional benefit members and the wider community would enjoy.


What if we can raise more than we need for the new clubhouse?

This would be a nice problem to have!


As stated previously there are always demands for replacement facilities, as well as new developments. There may be other partners also interested in these projects, and invariably if they were keen to provide some funding there would be a need for a large chunk of matched contribution. We’ll continue to work together as an effective member run multi-sport club to discuss and consider where to put resources to ensure we have the sporting facilities to compliment the new clubhouse we are all striving for.