A fantastic clubhouse to propel Trojans forward is within sight……...with your help!


Hopefully you are aware the club has been working very hard to deliver a fantastic new clubhouse that will serve the Trojans club members and friends for the next 50 years. The good news is we are now coming into the final straight, with very positive pre-planning discussions with the Local Authority and securing funding support for c. £725k (approximately 75% of the target). We believe we have reached the extent of what we can raise from grants and are now looking at other ways to bridge the financial gap.


As the largest sports club in Hampshire, we have a powerful advantage to getting the project delivered – you the members!! To help us explore our options it would be extremely helpful if you could complete this survey. It will help us better understand how much, and by what method, we can raise the most money to help transform our club and hopefully have a clubhouse built and ready for everyone to enjoy in 2022/23.


It should take you about 5 minutes to complete. Just to be clear your answers don’t represent a full-blown commitment, and we appreciate you'll probably need more information before committing, but it will inform our decision making, so please give due consideration.


We are asking for responses by 30th September to help keep up the momentum and will be sharing the results and opening up for discussion at a GM later in the year.


Link to Survey: